Advertising a $2.99 Kindle Countdown Deal

Advertising a $2.99 Kindle Countdown Deal

If you are a member of KDP Select, then you can set up one Kindle Countdown Deal for your ebook on and during every KDP Select term (90 days). Countdown Deals are limited-time special price promotions where customers will see both the regular price and the promotional price on the book’s detail page, as well as a countdown clock showing how much time is left at the promotional price. The maximum duration of a Kindle Countdown Deal is 7 days. Find out more information about setting up Kindle Countdown Deals here.

Setting up a Kindle Countdown Deal is only the first step. Potential buyers need to know about your deal in order for you to benefit. Other than sharing your Countdown Deal with your email subscribers and on your blog and social media, you can also advertise your special price promotion on various bargain book websites and newsletters. There are numerous websites that will share 99c book promotions, but less that will share higher priced discounted books. I have compiled a list of free and paid advertising opportunities for bargain books priced at $2.99.

Free Submissions (Not Guaranteed Listings)
Choosy Bookworm – Accept books up to 3.99.
eBookLister – Accept books up to 2.99, non-fiction books need 5 reviews.
eBooks Habit – Accept books up to 2.99, minimum 5 reviews.
Reading Deals – Books must be at least 33% off, at least 5 reviews with 4 star average.
Bookzio – Book must be discounted.
Kindle Book Promos – 14 days notice.
People Reads – Accept books up to 4.99, 10 reviews, no children’s books.
One Hundred Free Books – Accept deeply discounted books.
Your New Books – Accept books up to 4.99.

Paid Promotions
The Fussy Librarian $8-$18 – Require 10 reviews.
Bargain Booksy $25-$70 – Accept books up to $5.
ENT $80-$130 – Accept books up to 2.99. Take 7 days to get back to you.
Many Books $29 – Require 10 reviews.
BookSends $40 – $80 – Require 5 reviews. $6 – Accept books up to 3.99, require 5 days notice.
Booktastik $5-$10 – Accept books up to 2.99, must be discounted by at least 30%.
eBookSoda $15 – Accept books up to 4.99, require at least 8 reviews.
Book Goodies $10 – Accept books up to $3.
BooksButterfly $70 – Accept books over $1.
Just Kindle Books $18
BookRunes $25

Find all the latest Kindle Countdown Deals on Amazon here.

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