Effective Online Promotion

Online marketing and promotion is simply about spreading ideas, building connections and finding innovative ways of getting people excited about your new venture. The Internet has opened up all sorts of effective promotion possibilities that don’t cost a cent. However, many find this task daunting and overwhelming or do not have the skills or time for it. As an ideas person, my forte is inspiring fellow entrepreneurs to ethically market a new initiative or business. I have worked with authors, artists, store owners, small businesses and guesthouses to successfully develop an effective online presence. People need to know about you!

It takes continued promotion and networking to build meaningful relationships and gain regular traffic to a website. This can be done in a variety of ways such as researching your audience, sharing your knowledge and acquiring genuine back links to your website to increase your traffic. Also through actively participating in a wide variety of social media networking, blogging, and forum discussions for the purpose of building connections. While online marketing is crucial, this doesn’t take away the need for real human connections and relationships. Either way, your main efforts should revolve around your goals of who your customers are and what you can offer them.

Please feel free to email me with your ideas and requests and I’ll let you know what I recommend and how I can help you.

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