Paid Advertising for Discounted Book Promotions

Paid Advertising for Discounted Book Promotions

Book Promotion is hard work. Some authors agree that it is harder than actually writing the book! With the current ease and accessibility of self-publishing, the book market is flooded with new books and it can be hard to get your book noticed. I focus on relationship marketing together with creating a unique marketing strategy for my clients. This often includes a short discounted promotion on a book. Sometimes, it might include offering the book for free (see my article on Going Free with KDP), but more often than not I recommend a special price deal instead – offering a book at 99c or at least a 50% discount for a short period of time (3-7 days). This can encourage new readers to take a chance and buy your book at the discounted price when they might not have otherwise done so. The sales also still count towards your Amazon ranking (whereas free promos no longer do). Offering a discounted promotion on your book would be rather pointless unless new potential readers get to hear about it. So how do you get the word out about your discounted book promotion? There are several websites that will promote your discounted book for free, but in almost all cases the free listings are usually not guaranteed. I therefore recommend using a selection of paid advertising according to your budget.

Is paid advertising for your book promotion worth it?
Every new reader counts. You have to consider the bigger picture. Don’t expect to make back every cent you pay on advertising through immediate book sales. This is unlikely to happen. Rather see advertising as a part of your overall marketing strategy to find new readers. Remember that just one new reader who loves your book can end up spreading the word and selling more books for you.

Paid promotions should only be considered if your book is well-written, properly edited and has a professional book cover. All published books should meet these minimum standards anyway! It is also a good idea to at least have a few reviews on your book before advertising.

Here are some popular websites to consider for paid advertising for discounted book promotions (be sure to read all minimum requirements before applying):

BookBub – This is one of the top book marketing platforms. However, it is very pricey and applying does not guarantee that your book will be accepted. This does not mean that you should not try if you have the budget and your book is top notch.

Bargain Booksy – Cost is from $25 depending on genre.

Book Sends – Cost is between $15-$90 depending on genre and discounted price. They accept discounted books priced $0 – $2.99 but this price must be at least 50% off full price. You need to have at least 5 reviews, with a high overall average.

Many Books – Cost $29. Needs 10 Amazon reviews and at least a 50% discount. Applying doesn’t guarantee a listing.

Robin Reads – Cost $40-$85. Free and 99c books only.

Hello Books – Cost $30. Free and 99c books only.

BookDoggy – Cost $24. Prefer books priced at 99c.

Best Book Monkey – Cost $20 discounted to $4.99 or less.

The Fussy Librarian – Cost $13-$22. Require 10 reviews.

eReader News Today – Needs 30 days notice. Applying does not guarantee listing. Cost is from $35 depending on discounted price and genre.

Kindle Nation Daily – Choose from different packages starting from $29.99.

The Kindle Book Review – Cost from $10 depending on advertising package. They offer 99c deals, featured posts, new releases, Twitter blasts and more.

Reading Deals – Cost $15. Book needs a minimum of 5 reviews. Applying does not guarantee acceptance. Books must be at least 33% off.

If you are really serious about your book, consider spending some money on advertising your special price book promotion.

All the best with your book marketing! If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact me.






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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning Kindle Nation Daily. I hate to correct you but our packages start at $29.99 for our Free Book Highlighter sponsorship and the majority of our sponsorships come with a free BookGorilla slide over promotion. BookGorilla is also a great choice for people wanting to promote their titles. Very much like Bookbub, but not as expensive.

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