Press Release Distribution for Authors

Press Release Distribution for Authors Every author dreams of extensive online and media coverage for their book. The most reliable way to secure this is to take the time to build relationships and reach out to journalists and bloggers personally. To do this, spend some time compiling a list of the top journalists or bloggers who cover your book’s topic. Read their work, connect with them on social media and find opportunities to engage with them. Once you have built up a relationship, you can consider approaching them with your story.

Many authors consider writing a press release and paying a distribution company to distribute the press release across the wire to build up a library of online content and get their book in front of top media sites across the country. Press release distribution services can help provided you have a story that is newsworthy, but this option should not be relied upon as your sole means to getting press coverage. Reaching out to journalists and bloggers on an individual basis is still your best bet.

It is important to note that while these services offer distribution, there is no guarantee of coverage of your story. Many people who claim to be unhappy with the services, are actually unhappy that no one chose to cover their story. This is not the distribution companies responsibility, it is that of the writer!

Whichever way you decide to approach the media, through personal contacts or via distribution services, or both, there are a few important things to take note of in order for any journalists to even consider your pitch:

• Your content has to be newsworthy! Although the release of your book may be newsworthy to you, it is not necessarily of interest to the media unless you are able to weave it into a current issue or national story. You need to have a unique angle.
• Imagine that you are a reporter. A press release is a news story written in the third person and can contain quotes from the author or book.
• Avoid self-promotion. Promoting yourself or your book alone is not a newsworthy story. A successful press release provides valuable or interesting information.
• The headline is important! Your title is your first impression. Without a catchy title, most people will not read any further.
• Many distribution companies have a set rate for the first 400 words, the rate increasing the more words you use. Can you tell your story in an interesting manner in 400 words or less?
• Images are often charged for separately. This needed affect your press release. Including your book cover smacks of self-promotion and might not be the best move. Rather concentrate on the text and creating a newsworthy story. Some media will add their own royalty free images to your story if they decide to run it.
• It is fine to include a relevant link in your press release.
• If you don’t know how to write a successful press release and you have the budget, consider getting a professional to write one for you. Bear in mind that even the best press releases do not mean that coverage is guaranteed. Sometimes it is just a matter of the right person seeing it at the right time.

Choosing a Press Release Distribution Service

The top PR distribution service platforms can cost in the region of $1,000 to $1,500 for national distribution for one 400-word press release plus a photo. And as mentioned before, distribution may be guaranteed, but coverage is not. You can use the most expensive and professional services, but if your press release has nothing good to report, you won’t get any coverage.

If you believe you have a great story and a well-crafted press release, you can consider a more cost effective PR distribution service, should you wish to go this route. Please note that I have not personally used any of these companies (though they come recommended from other authors online), so be sure to do your own thorough research on each one. Prices were correct at the time of writing.
Packages range from $249 – $499 per release.
PR Web
Packages range between $159 – $369 per release. Unlike the others, their fee isn’t based on word count. They also allow you to post a photo free of charge.
Packages range from $129 to $399 per release. Uses the pricey PR Newswire portal, but has less coverage.
PR Buzz
$299 per year for unlimited press release distribution. You cannot send out the same press release twice.
Marketers Media
Packages range between $99 – $239.
Packages range between $199 – $499 per year.
Packages range between $49 – $89 per release or $99 per month. ReleaseWire offers pay-as-you-go press release distribution services and subscription based media engagement solutions.
24/7 Press Release
Packages range between $49 – $389 per release.
Packages range between $79 – $499 per month. They also offer 1 free PR which is published on Newswire’s News Center.
Online PR Media
Packages range between $22 to $389 per release. They also offer a free online press release (1 submission per day).
Costs $395 for four press releases per year.

Free Press Release Distribution Services

If you are not announcing national breaking news or your story is not newsworthy enough for major media coverage in traditional channels, then there are many free options for press release distribution that can generate traffic to your site or blog. Here are some free distribution services that have received good online reviews:

Open PR
PR Fire
News Wire Today

I wish you all the best on your marketing journey!

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