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I read an interesting article by Gareth Howard, CEO of Authoright. He writes about the increasing importance of social media for authors in the ebook ‘Self-Publishing: Publish Your Book and Avoid the Pitfalls with Advice from Leading Experts and Experienced Authors’.

Here’s what he has to say about Facebook & Twitter – These are your new friends. Facebook in particular. The trend over the last year amongst products, services and well-known figures has been to move from traditional websites to Personalized Facebook Pages; a hybrid of a regular Facebook page and a website.

If you look on the packaging of your food at home or study an advert for your favourite make of car, you will notice that these companies no longer refer (potential) customers to their website, instead they ask them to ‘find us on Facebook’. For example or, if you want to see an embarrassing video of me speaking at the London Book Fair,

So what is the rationale behind this? It’s about creating a following and capturing your market and controlling the information they receive. Secondly, it’s about being ‘on trend’, it’s what the kids are doing these days. And it’s this latter point that puts many people off (including myself – as I say, I shun Facebook in my private life). But this is only a very small reason to be doing it. It’s all about profile and market reach, to use terrible industry words.

Compare the difference between a website and a Personalized Facebook Page. With a website you don’t capture visitors. People come to your site and then they leave and they probably don’t return again. As such, any time you update your site you are relying on people taking the proactive step of returning to your homepage. And people are doing this less and less. Whereas, if you get someone to ‘like’ your Facebook page, they are linked to you for all time, unless they decide to remove you, which is not that likely. Suddenly you are in control of what they see. And, in turn, what their peers see i.e. the people that ‘like’ them. And so the ‘spread by word of mouth’ begins…

Read the article on Authoright.

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