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Today’s quick tip is about a useful writing tool I have discovered called It is basically an online version of Morning Pages, an idea originating from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. The idea is to begin every morning by writing three pages or 750 words of anything and everything that comes into your head. The wonderful thing about doing this on a private online document is that it really doesn’t have to be edited or censored as one tends to do when writing in a journal. I have found that the more I write about whatever crosses my mind, the more words, ideas and inspiration flows. A highly recommended tool for kick starting your writing in 2013!

2 thoughts on “Start the Day Write

  1. I like this idea. This type of ‘morning pages’ writing works best when it’s strictly private, and whatever gets your creative juices flowing is a good thing.
    We really don’t need fancy templates or prompts to do this kind of thing. Easy peasy!

    1. Hi Linda, yes it’s really worked for me! Being a bit of a perfectionist by nature, I didn’t like the idea of writing some of the rubbish that comes out of my head into an actual journal. I felt that it was either a waste of good paper, or that someone might find it and read it! These are some of the absurd thoughts that can keep us from being creative. Since starting with every morning, I’ve had so many great ideas flowing out of me, in between the other stuff, that I would have missed if I weren’t starting my day this way. I think I could almost go so far as to say it’s changed the course of my year already!

      Thanks for visiting!

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