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I had an outstanding experience working with Leila. She is professional, knowledgeable and reliable… AND, most importantly, genuinely driven to help her client succeed. She was creative and supportive throughout the project and I would be happy to recommend her to others. ~ Millen Livis, Bestselling Author & Life Coach – USA

Early in 2016 I was in desperate need of a service provider who could format my various manuscripts for self-publication. No sooner had I fired off my email in a desperate plea for help, did Leila Summers respond with a “not to worry, I’ve got your back”. Almost 6 months later, I cherish my working relationship with Leila as one of the best I have ever experienced. With her attention to detail, her palpable consideration of me as her client and her online wisdom and experience, makes for peace of mind that seems to pass all understanding. Every communique that we exchange is dealt with promptly and efficiently, with a positive outcome. Leila certainly goes the extra mile for clients, but for me I’m sure she goes the extra ten! Anyone needing help and assistance with formatting, marketing, reviews for their books, and so much more, is sure to find Leila an allied supporter of their dreams and aspirations. With a wealth of understanding of the vagaries and demands of the online world and guidance through the vast maze of writing and publication demands, Leila has your back! ~ Michael HH Warren, Author

Leila is an absolute gem to work with. She is a Book Promotion wizard. Her communication, planning and execution skills are superior. Thank you for an outstanding and successful book promotion and I look forward to my next book. ~ Gladys Kenfack, Author – USA

Leila was excellent to work with! I hired her to format my book and market it for me – both of which she did with very good results. Leila will be the first person I go to with my next book. I can’t recommend her highly enough. ~ Olivia Pierson, Author – New Zealand

Leila Summers went way above and beyond in the scope of this job, she met and exceeded the timelines and goals doing an excellent job. She has a great editing eye and attention to detail. ~ Jeff Cartwright, Author – USA

Leila did a great job on the internal formatting of my book. She is very professional, responsive, a good communicator and a perfectionist in the best kind of way. I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to have their book formatted well. She also offered additional unsolicited suggestions that helped me with my book project. Great job. ~ Steve Wells, Author – Australia

Working on my third book with Leila Summers was a fabulous experience. After following a traditional publishing route with my first two books, it was wonderful to have greater artistic freedom with regard to the final product. Leila offers guidance and advice, a great editing service and is a formatting wiz! She made self-publishing a joy, and there is no way I would follow a traditional publishing route again. I have recommended Leila to all my author friends, as I believe that not only does she offer a second-to-none, professional service, but her services also represent great value for money. ~ Barbara Parks, Author – Australia

I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the incredible talents and assistance provided to me by Leila. She took my book idea and lovingly guided me towards making it a reality with her insightful web design, direction on building a platform; she even sourced out a brilliant book cover design… I couldn’t have done it without you Leila; your dedication and patience are in a league of their own. Many, many thanks! ~ Julie Colvin, Author – Canada

If you are a native English speaker and you find it difficult to spread the word about your book, just imagine how difficult it would have been for somebody like me, whose mother tongue isn’t English, and who comes from a different cultural background. Well, fortunately I came across some posts of Leila’s about book reviewing and it was the first time I had read something written so intelligently and comprehensively. I did some searching and found that Leila was helping authors to promote their books, so I contacted her and we worked together for 3 months on getting more visibility for the first one of my novels translated into English. It was a real pleasure to work with Leila. She is one of those rare professionals who is truly competent and not just keeping a pose of competence. She really knows what and how things work and is just great in giving you thoughtful and comprehensive guidance through the process of achieving your marketing goals. Besides, she is somebody who you can trust – absolutely! One of the things I admired the most was that Leila can be critical in a positive way that helps you learn and do things better. So, the goal of our work was to gain more visibility for my book. Was that achieved? 100% yes. Leila and I, working together, have managed to gain a better exposure for my book by organizing different promotional activities ; covering the most important social networks; arranging my book to be featured on some blogs as well as getting some interviews. Besides this, she was kind enough to do editing work on my texts. Of course, I needed this to make sure my English sounded right but I’d like to point out that Leila is has a remarkable feeling and knowledge for the use of language. So, I could only give heartfelt thanks, high appreciation and a great testimonial for working with Leila Summers and if you need somebody to spread the word about your work I would undoubtedly recommend her! ~ Ivinela Samuilova, Author – Bulgaria

Leila worked on two very different websites for me. I could not be happier with the work that she produced. She is truly gifted in that she was able to connect with my vision going above and beyond it to create something far more amazing than I could have ever imagined! She listened and worked with me every step of the way to ensure that I was happy with the design and content. Even although I live in Nassau, Bahamas, Leila was able to communicate with me efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend her. ~ Tina Klonaris-Robinson, Author – Bahamas

WOW! It’s beautiful! You have done an amazing job Leila! The imagery you have chosen is wonderful. For not having read the book you have conveyed the idea of the book perfectly. Thank you so very much. I really can’t think of any changes I would make to the book trailer. ~ Michele Kallio, Author – USA

Leila tirelessly spent a year helping me start up my new business from scratch. From brainstorming ways to reach my wide range of clients to identifying and guiding me through the best marketing and social networking tools for my needs. I had a strong sense of what I wanted to do but she helped me to define and develop my ‘product’. She also helped with designing promotional post cards, shop signs and business cards. The truly amazing part of her work with me was that she did all the initial set up, marketing and management of the business and then trained me to take over a system that worked for me and which I could manage on my own. I call her my angel publicist which is exactly what she was. At all those meetings and networking outings, she was there and let me warn you, she drinks a lot of coffee! Leila, I am grateful for everything. Thank you for helping me make my dream a reality. ~ Jessica Rich, Vintage Clothing Store Owner – South Africa

Earlier this year, after meeting only on Facebook, Leila Summers graciously offered to help me with my blog, since I was completely computer inept. Through her extensive knowledge, she was able to help me get my blog up and running in no time. She even offered to do much of what I needed herself, then taught me how to continue onwards on my own. I have also visited her blog, and other websites she has designed and they are fabulous! I highly recommend Leila’s work, she is not only professional, she works with an ethic of integrity and from the heart! I am now ready to build my own website; and I most definitely will be employing Leila as my web designer. ~ Dawn Newton, Author and Spiritual Coach – USA

Leila, that is absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so very much for all your hard work and advice. I really appreciate how you have helped me with everything including the wording of emails to prospective readers. I’m feeling very excited and grateful. ~ Lucille Stead, Author – South Africa





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