Wattpad for Authors

I have not had personal experience with Wattpad, but I came across a recommendation on an author forum and decided to research this popular social platform to find out how authors can benefit from it. After researching, I don’t feel that Wattpad is the best place for memoir authors like myself, however authors of the science fiction, fantasy, YA, paranormal, romance, horror and fan fiction genres could benefit greatly from using Wattpad as a place to potentially gain a large audience.

With around 30 million users, Wattpad.com is said to be the largest interactive platform for discovering, reading and sharing stories. The popular genres give you a hint at the audience, who are largely teens and young adults under the age of 30.

So how does Wattpad work? Authors can either upload a completed book, chapter by chapter, or a book-in-progress in chapters or parts. Readers keep track of their favorite writers and stories by becoming fans. All fans receive notifications when new parts of the story are added. Posting new chapters regularly is important in keeping readers interested. Readers can offer comments and feedback on each chapter. It provides a great way to connect with readers, but as with any book promotion, it takes time and commitment. Authors who do well on Wattpad are the ones who embrace the direct social connection with their fans. It also provides a great opportunity to connect with fellow authors by reading and commenting on other author’s stories.

Wattpad also holds writing contests, and has a crowdfunding function. Read the free Wattpad for Dummies guide for information on how to set up and use Wattpad.

Have you used Wattpad? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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