Connected YouTube and Google+ Accounts

Connected YouTube and Google+ AccountsIS YOUR Google+ account connected to the wrong YouTube channel?
DO YOU have a YouTube channel that you didn’t create?
IS YOUR YouTube channel connected to the wrong Google+ page?

Some time back, Google integrated YouTube and Gmail and linked every YouTube account with a Google+ account causing chaos and confusion.

At some point, I realized that I had two YouTube channels, one of which I didn’t create. Recently, I noticed that both my YouTube channels were connected to a Google+ page that I was not using, and my active Google+ profile was connected to my inactive YouTube channel.

I was not able to simply delete my second inactive YouTube channel, nor was I able to link my active YouTube channel with the correct Google+ profile. It was all very confusing. After some research, I was unable to find any current information on how to do this, so I had to figure it out for myself. In case any of you are struggling with the same issue, I have included the details of how to do this below. Please make sure you have the same issue as I had before following these instructions, otherwise you may unwittingly delete one of your active accounts!

How to link your correct YouTube and Google+ Accounts

Sign in to YouTube and select the YouTube channel you WANT TO KEEP. Go to Account Settings > Overview. Next to your profile photo, click on ‘Advanced’. Now click on ‘Move channel to different Google+ profile or page’. You will be asked to enter your Google password. You will then see a screen that shows that this channel is currently connected to the wrong Google+ page. Click ‘Select desired page or profile’. Your other Google+ profile (your ACTIVE one) should appear, and you can select it. A warning will come up letting you know that ‘If you move your channel to Google+ profile xxx, the currently connected channel will be deleted.’ If you are happy for your non-active YouTube channel to be deleted, then click ‘Delete channel’. It will now show you two options: your current YouTube Channel and connected Google+ account, and your new YouTube Channel and connected Google+ account. Make sure that you are keeping your ACTIVE YouTube channel and ACTIVE Google+ account, and then if you are happy, select ‘Move channel’. It will give you another warning and might tell you that some aspects cannot be transferred. In my case, some YouTube comments couldn’t be transferred, but I agreed to this, as it was worth it. If you are happy, click ‘Move channel’ again.

My old YouTube channel still exists on my drop down menu with the words ‘Create channel’ next to it, but it is not active or public. YouTube doesn’t seem to allow you to delete a channel entirely. In my changeover, YouTube, for some reason, chose to use the profile picture from my deleted channel but this was easy to change.

Next, I went to my inactive Google+ business page that I wanted to delete. A scary warning appeared saying that my associated Google account would also be deleted, but after some research, I found that it was safe to go ahead and delete without losing my main Google account or my active Google+ profile, so I clicked ‘Delete’.

I now have one YouTube channel with all my past uploaded videos and it is connected to my one active Google+ account. So although I lost a few comments and had to change my profile photo, everything is now as I want it to be.

Look out for my upcoming articles on how to use Google+ and YouTube for promotion.

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